Turnkey Projects

HVAC Systems

We serve commercial, institutional, and industrial customers both large and small scale systems. We provide HVAC systems for Hospitals, schools, universities, industrial plants etc. We design, build, and install for the most challenging projects focusing on excellence and personalized service to provide the highest quality professional services.

Solar System

As a supplier of solar installations and ecological energy technology we deliver integrated sustainable energy production solutions Our product portfolio comprises solar systems for private and commercial users as well as the public sector. We offer complete solar heating, solar power, solar power storage systems mounting systems. In the solar heating segment we are a leading solution provider. With our range of product line we offer new products with heat recovery & energy saving systems.

Fuel Oil System

REDZEN specializes in fuel oil systems, where we provide complete industrial solutions including storage tanks solutions, diesel control systems, HFO heat tracing solutions, Tank Management Solutions etc. We provide high quality solutions with our own product range.

Steam & Hot Water Systems

We specialize in designing the steam and hot water systems for laundry and process industry. Our engineers are well experienced in their fields with design expertise with relevant vast Industrial experience earned through many years. We have in depth knowledge of installing various laundry equipment, hot water generation plants and other pharma process & hospital equipment.

Compressed Air Systems

We develop innovative sustainable solutions that create value for our customers. With our expertise we design, build, install and provide quality service for compressors, vacuum solutions, air treatment systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and assembly systems .

Cathodic Protection

Redzen’s provides Cathodic protection services for all kinds of industries having Tanks & Under ground piping. We design, supply and install systems including all site related activities providing all around Turnkey Solution. We also provide annual inspection services for our installed Cathodic protection systems under Annual AMC.

Refrigeration Systems

Redzen team of cold storage professionals are well versed in this industry. From preconstruction planning and estimating to successful project management. Redzen provides complete “Turn-Key” contracting services for single source responsibility.

Piping, Cladding, Fabrications & Structural Works

All kinds of fabrication (SS/MS) internal structural works for industrial & commercial market like service platforms, railings, duct & sheet metal fabrication, metal fencings, piping jobs, pipe cladding, sheet roofing, chimneys & any other metal related works.

Domestic Water Cooling System

Redzen’s Domestic Water Cooling Systems used in Hotels, Industries, Villas and Hospitals can maintain water temperature below 20ᵒ C in Summer. We provide one of the most efficient energy saving technology in the Middle east.

IOT & Energy Management Systems

Redzen through IoT drives process automation and operational efficiency in many industries healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy, logistics. IoT applications in energy sector gain particular attention from consumers, businesses and even governments. Apart from numerous benefits to the electric power supply chain, IoT energy management systems give way to new smarter grids and promise unprecedented savings, improved operational costs and enhanced efficiency.

Automation Systems & Industrial Automation Solutions

Redzen is a leading technology solutions provider with vast experience in automation and controls in industrial applications. With a reputation for highest levels of quality and service, we deliver innovative, reliable and cost efficient technology solutions for the most demanding technical applications. We mainly specialize in Industrial Automation & RF Technology Solutions.

Waste Management Systems

Our Company provides complete solutions for Garbage Chutes System in Hi-rise Residential & Commercial Building complexes. Our product range also offer custom fabricated steel door, steel & plastic garbage trunks, vacuum air technology, compaction products to support our turnkey solutions.

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