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Facility Management

Our Facilty Management Division consists of vast experienced team of engineers & technicians with outstanding level of expertise in troubleshooting, improvement, recitification & all kinds of repair jobs/services.Our commissioning engineers ensure all our systems are maintained with supreme safety measures and quality maintenance practices are followed ensuring A1 services to our customers. Our approach towards maintenance starts from quality first.

Great Services

Reinsulation Jobs

All Types Of Pipes And Instalation Material

Tank Cleaning

Storage Vessel,Calorifier and Water Tank.

Duct Cleaning

All Type Of AC Ducts And Louvers

Garbage Chute Maintenance

Chute Cleaning And Repair Works

Pumps servicing & repairs

Reconditioning And Repairing Works

VFD Servicing

Programming And Replacement Of Unit

Building Cladding Repairs

Refurbishment And Replacement Works

PRV Maintenance

Servicing And Leakage Rectification

Plumbing & All Kinds of leakage repairs

Piping Of All materials And Sizes

Complete HVAC Solutions

Maintenance and Refurbishment

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Boilers,Chillers & Calorifiers

Heat Exchanger Servicing

Plate And Shell & Tube Tyoes

Civil Works

Fitouts,Water Proofing,Civil Repairs

Maitenance and Repair of Boilers & Calorifiers

Any capacity and quantity

Earth Pit Refurbishment

Turnkey And Repacement